Public Private Partnership (PPP) Law

PPP despite being a relatively new notion in Bangladesh, we have been involved in one of the first PPP projects in Bangladesh and am currently involved in drafting the legal framework for PPP in Bangladesh. Chambers was engaged by the Bangladesh Bridge Authority (“BBA”) in its first PPP project “Dhaka Elevated Expressway” as the legal adviser for the project on a retainer basis. In this regard, we assisted BBA in negotiation of the Concession Agreement with the Concessionaire, and provided advice on drafting and finalizing of the Concession Agreement and in the execution of the Concession Agreement and other ancillary agreements and licenses with other authorities. We also provided legal opinions on the issues pertaining to the Concession Agreement. Chambers is also currently engaged by ADB to advise ADB’s Technical Assistance Team for providing technical assistance to the Government of Bangladesh in establishing its Public Private Partnerships (PPP) programs which included reviewing existing legal and regulatory framework and drafting of model draft PPP law, PPP operational manuals and PPP model agreements. Chambers is currently advising the PPP office to implement the ADB technical assistance programme for operationalisation of PPP in Bangladesh.